Light Control with Lutron Switches

Light switches and dimmers provide the ease of total light control in your home. They help you save energy while creating beautiful light effects in your bedrooms, drawing rooms and hallways. Lutron switches and light control systems control the electric lighting and daylight for the perfect balance of light sources throughout an entire residence.

Lutron switches are available for a wide variety of applications such as residential, commercial, retrofit, renovation or new construction. They serve as power-saver devices. Lutron light control systems include switches (either ON or OFF type), dimmers, eco-timer switches, occupancy/vacancy sensors and daylight sensors. Each has different application and style of usage. At different locations in your home, workplace or departmental store, you can use a Lutron switch to best suit your requirements.

ON-OFF type switches work in two states only: either they provide 100% light and 100% energy, or they provide 0% light and thus 0% energy; hence, the name ON-OFF. Tap switches turn light on or off with a single tap. Lutron tap switches with status light are also available. They include a small status light which serves as an indicator of whether the switch is in the ON state or the OFF state. Linear-slide switches need sliding up for ON and down for OFF.

Dimmers are switches which serve to save energy while the device is ON. All Lutron dimmers save energy. Light level achieved by dimmer switches is proportional to the energy used. 50% dimmer uses only 60% energy, thereby saving 40% energy. You do not need 100% light level all the time. For example during the night, a dimmed bedroom light seems more pleasant to the eyes.Lutron dimmers serve the best to meet this requirement. Lutron Eco-dim dimmer guarantees at least 15% energy savings as compared to a standard switch.

Eco-timer, a new type of switches, has introduced countdown timer based switching operations. The maximum time for the counter is 30 minutes. The counter will keep on counting down until the specified time is reached and then switches the device OFF. Devices such as air-conditioners or televisions can be connected through these switches. After for example you sleep at night, the eco-timer switch will turn the device OFF and save electrical energy.

Ceiling or wall-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensor switches are of great help in domestic as well as commercial light control. They sense the occupancy of room through RF (radio-frequency) and IR (Infra-red) sensors. The lights remain ON as long as the room is occupied and are turned OFF when the room gets unoccupied thereby saving energy. They also serve ease of switching operation. You do not need to manually switch the lights ON or OFF every time you enter or leave your room. They wirelessly control the switching operations and hence also eliminate wiring expense.

Daylight sensors are another type of Lutron switches which provide an amount of electrical energy that is inversely related to the daylight; i.e., as daylight increases in the room electrical light energy is reduced. This assures automatic saving of electrical energy while maintaining a beautiful environment across your residence.

Lutron switches are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and control options. Multiple designs and control options provide you functionality for ambiance, convenience and security – meeting all of your lighting control needs.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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