Legacy and Estate Planning Apply to Everyone in the Twin Cities Area

Estate planning is important and relevant for everyone, regardless of financial status. Everyone has a legacy of some kind to pass on, even if it’s a modest bank account. Planning for a legacy, including a proper transfer of assets without the need for an estate conservator or guardian, requires the creation of some important relevant documents.

Legacy Planning and Legal Assistance

Legacy or estate planning refer in short to asset management while the property owner is still alive and to asset distribution after death.

The principle objectives of an estate plan encompass:

  • The assurance of a comfortable living based on the value of resources and income provided by existing assets
  • The assurance that assets will transfer to the desired people or organizations after death
  • The minimization of estate fees, taxes and related costs
  • The designation of a person or persons best suited to making decisions regarding finances and health care in the event of the estate owner’s incapacitation

Getting Legal Assistance

While the transfer of an estate may seem like a complicated topic limited to only elevated finance, the documents involved deal with affairs essential to the futures of nearly everyone.

Planning your legacy with lawyers near Twin Cities ensures proper guidance and assistance in the creation of these basic but critically important documents that make up an estate plan.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Planning your legacy with lawyers near the Twin Cities should be a top priority. Crafting a plan now ensures the existence of legal groundwork for transferring hard-earned property and funds to descendants and charitable organizations while minimizing both financial and emotional costs.

Power of Attorney and Transfer on Death Deeds

An important element for inclusion in estate planning is power of attorney. This document allows state owners to make their own decisions regarding the futures of their families and the appointment of guardians for minor children and parties best suited to managing and winding up the estate owner’s affairs.

A particularly important feature in estate planning is the transfer on death deed, which permits the transfer of a home without probate.

Estate planning is an important subject for nearly anyone and should be attended to sooner than later. Legacy planning gives estate owners peace of mind in the assurance that all affairs have been provided for and remain in order.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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