Knowing God brings Success and Freedom

Prayer does not bring success and freedom if you pray without knowing God. When you pray you must open your heart to God’s love and experience his power and strength. Spirituality can bring you a sense of freedom that will allow you to be more successful in life. When you have strength in your faith you will have strength in your resolve and learn to be determined to meet your goals and pursue your dreams. Free Spiritual Readings Online provide insight into your talents and callings and will give you a message from God about where he sees you doing well.

Determining your Purpose

When you have faith in God you will be open to letting him help determine your purpose. God wants you to be happy and lead a life that is fulfilling and successful. You can seek guidance with free spiritual readings online that will outline God’s purpose for you so you can walk down the path he feels will lead to your success. God does not wish for us to sit on our laurels and wait for good things to happen. He wants us to pursue happiness spreading his word through our faith and our actions.

Walking with God

Many people are fearful of truly walking with God as they are worried it will mean speaking to everyone they meet about God’s love. God knows this is not necessarily a realistic way to live for all of us. He has many representatives in the ministry who can spread his word in this way. God wants all of us to live in his light and spread his word through our actions. When you are able to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?” when faced with challenges you will soon find acting as Jesus did becomes second nature. Your heart will always know what is right and in so doing you will feel a freedom you have never known. Through this freedom you will gain strength and know that God wants you to be happy. You will be able to pursue his intentions with a full heart filled with love and faith. Your success will show all those who know you that you appreciate God’s love and are basking in his glory.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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