Japan Dating: Advice for Divorced Singles

According to the Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, approximately one in three marriages in the country ends in divorce. In 2010, as many as 253,353 couples filed for a divorce. This translates to one divorce every 124 seconds. So if you are a recently divorced single, you are not alone. You have very good chances to get lucky in love the second time around with Japan dating.

Japan Dating: Some Divorce Facts

The divorce process in Japan is fairly pretty simple and straight-forward. It also provides for child support and alimony. Ninety percent of the divorce cases in the country are settled at the local government office through mutual agreement. The details of divorce cases are generally sorted out by counselors, rather than judges.

Under Japanese law, the custody of a child of divorce is given either to the father or the mother, not both. In Japan, unlike most Western nations, joint custody is illegal. However, visitation by the spouse who lost the custody battle can be arranged informally. Till a couple of decades back, the family of the father was given the custody of the children to ensure that the family name is carried on. Today, even mothers can get custody as most Japanese women are working and can finally support their children. Beside, the old system of family name no longer holds as much relevance.

Japan Dating Tips for the Recently Divorced

Now that you are officially divorced, and ready to move on, you must first tie the loose ends of your previous relationship. For instance, if you have your ex’s clothes and other things in your place, get rid of it before stepping into the Japan dating circuit. Here’s a quick 3-step program to improve the results of your Japan dating experience:

  • Get your friends’ support. Sometimes it helps to vent out your frustration on others who understand you.
  • Work on your looks by eating healthy and hitting the gym. More than anything else, this will improve your confidence levels and ease your transition into Japan dating.
  • Step out. You could possible find your new soulmate in the mall, grocery store or even in the bank. You must also consider creating an online dating personal. There are lots of Japan dating sites where you can find attractive and successful Japanese divorced singles.

Finally, remember that there is still a stigma attached to divorce in Japan, which tends to create hardships for divorced singles- particularly women. Some elite private schools in Japan refuse to admit children who live in single-parent homes. Moreover, some employers avoid hiring divorced women. However, things are definitely improving- Fast!!

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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