Italy Vacations Showcase the Italian Classics

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries to travel to. It is the perfect spot for celebrations or the perfect destination for an exciting and relaxing vacation, all in one. Visitors can find excitement in the rich Italian history in Rome and then relax in the unbelievable beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Visiting the Italian capital to learn all about Italy and how it obtained its beauty and then relaxing side by side on the gorgeous turquoise blue coastline makes up one of the most magical Italy vacations that will not soon be forgotten.

Start with Rome

Start your Italian vacation with a visit to Rome. Walk through the beautiful streets exploring everything Rome has to offer. Starting in the middle of the city, everything is within walking distance, allowing you to stroll at your leisure, taking in the breathtaking sites of gorgeous churches, such as St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman ruins and quaint piazzas. Every step you take in Rome will lead you down a cultural path that leaves you breathless. When you are ready to start taking in the large sites that Rome is well known for, you can visit the Forum, the Coliseum or the Palatine Hill. Before leaving, take in the wonder of Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.

As you take in the sights, make sure to make leisurely stops in quaint Italian cafés to taste the delectable coffees and cappuccinos, as well as the amazing cuisine of Italy. One of the most amazing parts of Italy vacations is experiencing the rich, delicious food Italy has to offer. From small, delicious snacks to large family-style meals, you will be undeniably happy and filled with wonder at the Italian culture.

End with the Amalfi Coast

After a few days of exploring Rome on foot, you are bound to be ready to relax and unwind on one of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking beaches, incredible colors and architecture that cannot be found anywhere else. The narrow pebble streets, unbelievably gorgeous gardens and sheer mountain cliffs will leave you breathless with every turn. Spend your days lying on the beach, taking in the sights or explore Positano, the Vertical City, and its unique architecture and quaint shops and restaurants that line its streets.

Classic Italy vacations bring the best of both worlds to travelers. Take part in the beauty and wonder of Italy by exploring its capital by foot and then sit back and relax as you enjoy the scenery from the beach, taking in one of the amazing wonders of the world.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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