Illegal Towing In Burlington

Each and every towing company must follow very strict regulations but there is a large amount of illegal towing in Burlington today. Many towing companies are trying to cut corners and they don’t think the law applies to them. If you have never noticed a car being towed before then you will after reading this as there are a number of illegal towing practices outlined below that are dangerous for both the two truck driver and to the public as well.

One of the common reports of illegal towing in Burlington is that a car was towed when there was no reason for it to be towed. In most cases people park their vehicle, run an errand and come back to find their car is gone. The first thing they do then is to report a stolen vehicle to the police. Once the vehicle has been found to be towed the owner of the vehicle must prove it was illegally towed or pay a fine. They usually end up paying way more than if they had just paid the fine in the first place.

Another common complaint about towing in Burlington is that items were stolen from the vehicle after it was placed in an impound lot. This is usually the hardest offense to prove because unless you have pictures of what was in your vehicle right before it was towed then there is really no way of proving that the towing company stole the items. It is always advised that if you are being towed while you are present then you should remove all items that you consider to be valuable before the car is towed. If you are not there, you understand that there is always a risk of someone breaking into your vehicle and valuable items should never be left in the car.

One of the worst things that a towing company can do is prey on people who are in trouble. There have been reports of illegal towing in Burlington where a towing company will see a person broke down on the side of the road, pull up and ask them if they called for a tow truck driver, the person says yes and they allow their car to be towed, only to find out after this wasn’t the company they called in the first place. Essentially the towing company can get away with towing this vehicle as the owner was there and gave consent. There are other times when towing companies can listen to the dispatch of another towing company and respond to a call before they do and essentially steal their business. This is something that often happens between towing companies and you should always make a note of what towing company you called.

When parking in the city, people often park in one hour parking lots so that they can run errands. There are times when people do not come back within that hour and as a result their car is towed. There are some cars that have been towed illegally as the company responsible for towing in Burlington will sit and watch cars in this area and then tow them and tell the people they were there too long.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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