How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Many virtual assistants have years of experience in the industry, and they typically have very high levels of administrative experience. It can be hard to find out what training you need to become a virtual assistant, as the job orders are so varied. Different companies want different services. However, universal skills that all employers want are a friendly attitude, versatility, good customer service skills, writing proficiency, and knowledge of basic technology.

The Basics That Are Needed

A virtual assistant helps companies to operate, by dealing with administrative duties and customer service. In order to become a virtual assistant, it is important that you have experience with various computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and even Outlook. You also need to have excellent writing skills and know the correct jargon to use for various industries, excellent telephone skills, and you must have a friendly attitude that will put customers at ease. Many virtual assistants also have experience in business, bookkeeping, web design, and marketing. You don’t necessarily need a set experience level to become a virtual assistant. Someone who has experience in web design would be just as useful to an internet based company, as someone with good writing skills would be to an administrative company.

Versatility and Skills Are a Must

Many virtual assistants have experience in a multitude of industries. Legal, administrative, office management, concierge experience, and bookkeeping could all benefit you in your search for a virtual assistant position. Before you decide on whether or not becoming a virtual assistance is right for you and your career goals, you need to determine which niche you would like to go into as a virtual assistant.

Your Niche and Market

Becoming a virtual assistant will be much easier once you know which industry you want to enter. For example, if you have law experience then you may want to consider becoming a virtual assistant for a law firm or another corresponding industry. If you have experience in medical care, then you may want to consider a virtual assistant position in a doctor’s office. There are no set qualifications that you need to become a virtual assistant, but you should have knowledge of computers, good communication skills, and you should be diligent in providing the best services that you possibly can.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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