Homeowners Insurance in Bel Air – 4 Considerations before Buying the Policy

Homeowners insurance in Bel Air is very useful since it provides protection against various kinds of damages that a house may sustain due to different reasons. However, before buying the policy, it is very important to understand the coverage along with its pros and cons thoroughly so that you know exactly what you are buying. Here are 4 major aspects to consider before buying a homeowners policy.

Basic coverage

The coverage for homeowners policy is sort of tricky. While major aspects that could cause damage to the home are covered, several others are not. Since policies offered by different insurers are different, it is necessary to understand the full extent of coverage. Liability cover should be a mandatory addition in the policy. This covers injury to people or damage/loss of their belongings on your home premises. The policy should cover the exteriors such as garden and grounds of the home as well.

Personal coverage

A comprehensive policy should cover the cost of repair or loss of personal belongings in the home. Belongings that are secured could include antiques, furniture, jewelry, collectibles, vehicles and others. However, unlimited cover is never provided. So, before you buy the policy, check on the upper cover limit. This limit is set by evaluating the valuables in your home. The insurer charges an appraisal fee. You could also buy a replacement cover for your personal belongings so that in case of loss or damage, you get the money to replace the object.

The good thing about these policies is that your belongings are covered even away from home. For instance, if you go to a party wearing an expensive jewelry set that has been appraised by the homeowners policy insurer, but lose the set in the party, you can claim insurance for replacement.


Since the requirements of securing your home are different from those of securing other homes, homeowners insurance in Bel Air should come with customizability options. For example, if you experience water damage frequently, your policy should offer this cover. However, premiums increase when you opt for additional covers. Despite this, the customization is better because the hike in premiums is very meager when compared to the out of pocket costs that you’ll have to bear.

Guaranteed replacement

In case of severe damage, if the house cannot be repaired, your insurance policy should pay for replacing the entire structure. It is important to include a “replacement” clause instead of fixing an amount. This helps because costs vary according to the socioeconomic conditions of the country as well. Prefixed amounts might not be adequate to replace or rebuilt the house in the future. As mentioned above, replacement clause can be extended to personal belongings in the house as well.

So, a comprehensive policy can be very helpful in instances where the home or your personal belongings are damaged. However, you can only enjoy the best benefits if you ensure that the coverage is complete.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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