Having your pet spayed at an animal hospital in Lincolnwood IL

Having your pet spayed or neutered is something every pet owner has to consider at some point in time. If you have recently acquired a new furry friend, you may be wondering which local animal hospital Lincolnwood, IL service will be the best place to take your dog or cat. You may also be wondering what the process is like as well as the recovery and care needed for your pet post-surgery.

Where to have the surgery

Deciding where to have your pet spayed or neutered can be a very worrisome choice. You can elect to take your dog or cat to your vet, animal shelter or local animal hospital Lincolnwood, IL located. An animal hospital may prove to be the best option as they have a well-established facility capable of handling the needs of your pet especially if something were to go wrong during the surgery. The hospital you select will also usually have more than one veterinarian on hand to attend to the animal patients for added peace of mind and less waiting time.

Pain relief options

The facility you select to care for your pet and perform the surgery will have pain relief options available for your pet. Typically most animal medical centers will use gas anesthesia for the maximum comfort and safety of your pet. This will be administered prior to surgery so that your cat or dog will not be cognizant throughout the operation. Post-surgery pain relief and care will also be considered as this is the most humane method of caring for your pet after the surgery they have undergone. The best pain medication for your cat and dog after surgery is one that is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and opiates. You should also be sure to ask the animal hospital Lincolnwood, IL service what method of surgery they will be using. Some facilities offer laser surgery which is more accurate and makes for less bleeding, faster recovery and more accurate incisions which reduce the risk of infection.

Using a free clinic

Although it may be cheaper for you to use a free clinic, it may be more detrimental for your pet. Free clinics see large numbers of animals on a regular basis and their methods are not as advanced as those used at a larger animal hospital Lincolnwood, IL located. Many animals that have been treated at free clinics have seen post-operative complications, incision infections, and lack of post-surgery pain medication. This can be a very negative experience for your pet and in some cases, improperly treated infections can end in death.

For the best spaying and neutering experience, trust your pet’s care to a skilled veterinarian at your local animal hospital Lincolnwood, IL located.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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