Get Fancy With Square Tablecloths For Special Events

If you attend a lot of weddings, banquets, corporate functions or even if you eat out a lot you will quickly recognize the same old plain square tablecloths used in just about every venue.

In some cases, the colors may change, but there really isn’t any difference in the choice of fabrics, the options, or the designs of the basic square tablecloths in all these different types of venues.

However, there are actually a lot of different things that you can do with square tablecloths to dress them up, add a bit of color, or even add to the theme of the event just by making a few simple changes.

Go Bold

One of the most common issues with tablecloths used in larger venues is that they tend to the neutral colors of ivory, white, and perhaps black or navy blue. These are fairly standard, and while they are versatile, they aren’t exciting.

Adding a bit of bold color to these plain old square tablecloths doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, with a variety of different table runners, you can add glitz, dazzle, and bright color all at the same time. These table runners can be placed diagonally on a square table, or they can form a cross through the center. You can, of course, choose just one in either direction.

Interesting Fabrics

If you don’t want to add to the linens on the table, you can choose patterned or textured square tablecloths that will definitely give a new look. Burlap is a great option for a rustic or western theme, and it is a great match for a more casual event or dinner.

For an elegant evening event consider a crushed taffeta tablecloth that will shine and simmer, or perhaps a flocked tablecloth that is both eye-catching as well as creates a vintage type of look.

Rosetta, pintuck, petal or satin also provide different and interesting fabrics, looks, and textures. With these more elaborate options, you can keep the place settings and other linens very simple to create a balanced look.

Finally, layering square tablecloths over round tablecloths on round tables or over rectangular or square for tables of those shapes is a great option. Use contrasting colors or combine textured and smooth fabrics for a unique look that adds to the theme and design of the event in very subtle yet noticeable ways.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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