Four Tips for Tattoo Care in Denver, CO

Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment and one that should be made after a good deal of sober consideration. Because it will be with you for life, the immediate aftercare of your tattoo should be taken seriously. You want the skin to heal as thoroughly as possible and the colors to be vibrant for as long as possible. Follow these tips in caring for your tattoo in Denver, CO, to have the best experience possible:

Keep Your Tattoo Moist

A & D ointment is the best way to keep a tattoo in Denver, CO, moist. You shouldn’t allow it to dry out for at least three weeks. This helps the skin heal and accept the tattoo ink without a fight. It also prevents the skin from becoming irritated, cracking or developing an infection. This is probably the most important process of having your tattoo heal well and needs to be taken seriously. A & D ointment is not the same as Neosporin, Vaseline or other salves found in the pharmacy.

Wash Your Tattoo Gently

In the first days after you get your tattoo, it’s important to wash it with warm water and soap and gently pat it dry several times per day. After washing, coat your tattoo in a thin layer of ointment. This will prevent infection from the bacteria that builds up during the day while you sweat and any dirt that gets on your skin while you work or sleep. It is better to use a PCMX based anti-bacterial soap rather than a standard anti-bacterial hand washing soap.

Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Newly tattooed skin is sensitive to sunlight and should be kept from harsh UV rays. To get a sunburn over a new tattoo would not just be painful and possibly mar the look of your ink, it could be dangerous. Skin infections become serious quickly and you could risk your health and the health of your skin for the rest of your life.

Let Your Tattoo Breath

Your tattoo should not be bandaged after the first few hours after you get your ink. Remove the bandage at this point. Wash the area gently with warm water and cover it only with A & D ointment. Keeping it protected is entirely up to you but very important. You should avoid anything that will penetrate the seal over your tattoo, including pool or fresh water, sun, rain or excessive dirt or sweat.

Getting a tattoo in Denver, CO, is a lot like getting inked anywhere else. It’s expensive, a little painful and permanent. Make sure you help it turn out right by giving the area excellent aftercare. Remember, it’s worth it because it will last the rest of your life.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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