Five basic Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Law and legal

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County is very important if you are charged with a criminal offense. He will play a vital role in determining the result of your case. Before hiring an attorney, it’s important that you know how he will deal with you. Below, are some of the explained roles of an attorney.

Evaluation This is the first thing your attorney will tackle regarding your case. He will go through the charges which the state has filed against you. He will also evaluate the evidence as proposed by the prosecutor against you in case the court decides to proceed with the trial. Your Criminal Defense Attorney will also have to conduct an interview with you and any of your witness if you have them. This will help him evaluate your case thoroughly.

Advice Advice is the next thing that your attorney will give you. He will take you through the options that you may have regarding your case. Generally, and in most cases, the options are that you either accept a plea or file motions for pre trials. Another option you will have is to repress the evidence placed against you and get dismissed on either some or all the charges. At this point, your attorney will advise you on the best option that will favor you. You will then make a decision after reviewing what your Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County has advised you on.

Protection It is the responsibility of your Criminal Defense Attorney to offer you protection during the case. He may advise you not to speak to the law enforcers in his absence. He may also warn you from allowing property seizures or searches by the police. He will also try to avoid any further charges from being placed against you.

Negotiation Your attorney will place plea negotiations for your case. At this point, he will attempt to get the case dismissed. He may also attempt to reduce any sentence placed against you if you pleaded guilty. In some cases, your Criminal Defense Attorney will plead for lesser charges.

Representation Throughout all the stages of your case, the sole purpose of your attorney is to represent your best interests. The representation may take different forms. It may start by having a bond reduction hearing. This aims at reducing your bond so that you will not stay in custody for too long. In case the charges proceed on to the trial judges, your Criminal Defense Attorney will be there to represent you. He will attempt to have all the charges dropped. In case of a sentence, he will plead for leniency.

Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County – There is much to learn on the various duties of an attorney. If you need further clarification on that, visit for more insight on the same.

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