Fire Tables: The Perfect Decor to Turn Your Patio into an Oasis

Latest trends in home décor accessorizing reveal an ever-increasing demand for fireplaces. Not only can they lend a fashionable and elegant touch to downtown bars and upscale restaurants but also to your home. Another outdoor accessory which is being commonly used (in gardens or backyards) is called a fire table. It is resembles a fire pit except that there is enough space around it for people to sit and chat and gorge on delicious food.

A fire table keeps the inflammable elements of the ground and avoids the chances of any brushfires. This makes maintenance more convenient as the residue can be removed from the table by using detergent or vinegar. Since it is built in the form of a table you can sit around it and enjoy the sense of comfort and relaxation. This is particularly beneficial for elderly people as they do not need to kneel or crouch.

Fire tables can be constructed from various materials such as cut stone, steel, and copper. The top portion of the structure is usually made of glass. The surface has custom designed patterns from which the flames shoot out. It consists of a sturdy frame, a surface for cooking, and a recessed basket usually provided with a cover for the flame building. Welded steel or aluminum may be used for the lower-end models whereas more expensive and superior quality materials are used for the high-end ones. Purchasing tables with elaborate granite tops could be very expensive. Hence, you must choose a model that will serve your purpose and come within your budget.

Durability and weathering are other factors that you need to take into account. If you happen to reside in a part of the country which frequently experiences snow or cold weather, it will cause the porous materials (that are used to construct this table) to crumble. Fancy fire tables lined with tile or ceramic overlays may not be preferred for similar reasons. Infact, in dry and arid areas, a special permit maybe required for its installation. Even though such tables can enhance the visual appeal of your garden, they constitute a potential fire hazard. Therefore, adequate safety precautions must be taken by keeping a fire extinguisher or a water source nearby.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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