Filing Lawsuits Against Medical Professionals After Injuries in Mokena, IL

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Law and legal

Doctors must provide a high standard of care for all patients regardless of personal beliefs or opinions. Negligence happens when a doctor doesn’t offer the same level of care for all patients and someone sustains an injury. Consult an attorney about medical malpractice In Mokena if you sustain unnecessary damage because of a doctor’s failures or negligence.

Disclosure of All Risks

Surgeons or clinicians must disclose all risks associated with a medical procedure or treatment before administering medication or performing surgeries. In addition, they reveal these risks when getting consent from the patient for the treatment or procedure. Any failure to tell someone about known risks and outcomes presents medical malpractice, Mokena.

A Medical Doctor’s Testimony

A doctor with the same training as the defendant can assess the plaintiff’s medical records and determine if their doctor performed the procedure or treatment appropriately. If not, this witness can substantiate the victim’s claim.

What to Avoid

Once a hospital board knows about the lawsuit, they often attempt to reach out to the victim to secure a settlement. In many cases, these settlement offers are lowball offers to end the lawsuit. Do not speak to anyone from the hospital, the doctor, or any parties involved in your case. Redirect any calls to your attorney.

Medical malpractice happens when doctors do not provide the appropriate level of healthcare. Patient-related injuries are the catalyst for these lawsuits. Medical evidence shows the plaintiff’s injuries and how these injuries could’ve been avoided. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.

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