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The moment that you present an engagement ring to your beloved and ask for her hand in marriage is one that you will never forget. It is truly a life-changing moment, the exact point at which you ask that another person join with you for a shared experience through life. You want to make sure that this moment is as wonderful and memorable as humanly possible, and this starts with picking out the right engagement ring.

When looking for engagement rings, Potomac shoppers know that the variety available can be absolutely overwhelming. Far from a simple choice, when you embark on your journey to select the engagement ring for your future wife you are making the biggest jewelry decision you ever have.

There are many things that you are going to have to keep in mind when shopping for the engagement ring as to prevent yourself from wandering aimlessly through every jewelry store you can find having no idea which ring is the right one for her. Some things to consider when selecting the ring include:

• Her personal taste and aesthetic. This is a ring that she will wear every single day. Make sure that you select a piece that speaks to her personal style. You don’t want to select an antique styled ring for a woman that is edgy and contemporary, and you don’t want to pick an extremely modern setting for a woman that prefers timeless looks.

• The size diamond that would look good on her hand. Every woman’s hand is different which means that rings will look different on each woman. It is important that you understand the proportion of a ring on her hand so that you can select the stone that will looked balanced and attractive on her finger.

• Her precious metal of choice. Gone are the days when engagement rings were only yellow gold. Now you have a range of options and it is important that you know which one she prefers so you can select a ring that she will really love.

• The cut of stone she would like. There are many cuts of diamonds, each having its own look and “personality”. You should select a ring with a stone cut that she will love, and that fits with her own personality and overall tastes.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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