Duct Cleaning Rids White Plains NY Homes of Annoying and Deadly Allergens

When searching for reasons to get duct cleaning in White Plains NY homeowners need only ask themselves one question – how much do I value my family’s health? With people of all ages spending more and more time indoors the quality of air inside the home is becoming more and more important. Children suffer more from inadequate air quality as do those with underlying health issues. Many people who believe they don’t suffer from allergies are shocked to discover chronic coughs and congestion are due solely to allergic reactions to contaminants in the air.

Hiding Indoors Won’t Help All Allergies

Anyone with seasonal allergies knows how annoying certain months of the year can be. It can get so bad that allergy sufferers will avoid going outdoors at all. The cost of doctor visits, allergy shots or medication, both prescription and over-the-counter add up quickly. What most people don’t realize is that the same allergens exist in their homes, primarily in the air ducts. While they spend hundreds of dollars a year avoiding the symptoms of allergies found outside the home inside the home they are exposing themselves just as much.

Do You Know What Your Child Is Breathing?

Anatomically speaking, children breathe faster than adults. Combine that with their proximity to the ground and children are sitting targets for allergens in the air. Heavier particles, like mold, fall quickly to the ground while being circulated in a home’s air duct system. While it has not yet been proven there is some evidence that exposure to allergens such as mold as an infant can actually cause asthma. Once a person has asthma the mold or other toxins in the air can aggravate the condition to the point of increased medical interventions or even hospitalization. By simply having air ducts inspected regularly and getting duct cleaning when needed White Plains NY families can forego a lifetime of respiratory illness in many cases.

Are You Really Immune?

Anyone who feels they are immune to seasonal allergies may need to think again. While hay fever may not get everyone down, prolonged exposure to mold, pet dander and dust can pack quite a punch on the body. Even those who have never suffered from the symptoms of seasonal allergies can find themselves sniffling, coughing and wheezing when confronted with a dirty air duct system. Only through a thorough duct cleaning from a professional service can White Plains NY residents truly clear their air.

While those with respiratory conditions may be the first affected by air ducts clogged with dust and debris everyone in a home will be affected eventually. It may take months but the runny nose, itchy eyes, and cough will attack. All that could be prevented with routine inspections of a home’s air duct systems. Thanks to duct cleaning White Plains NY homes can provide clean air and safe breathing for all members of families.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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