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No matter how hard one tries to be cautious on the road, accidents are inevitable. One could do all possible rightful actions such as following traffic rules to the core and avoiding speeding tickets, but one never knows what could happen next. It could be your own fault, someone else’s, but the damage is surely a pinch to the pocket. The best precaution is to have auto insurance by your side.

Rockford city has the highest death rate due to road mishaps in Illinois. Auto insurance laws in Rockford, IL, require criteria minimum insurance cover that every driver needs to have. A minimum cover of $20000 is required for personal injury and that of $15000 for damage to the property. As known from insurance laws prevalent elsewhere, these minimum cover criteria might not be sufficient enough and it would be wise to be prepared with a contingency cover for tough times.

It is crucial that before opting for an insurance cover, one needs to be aware of auto insurance laws applicable in Illinois to act as a guide. The insurance law consists of provisions such as no fault collision or comprehensive cover that are applicable as per the case. It would be better to have a planned insurance cover that complies well with the applicable laws.

The enforcement of the insurance laws is strict enough, clearly stating that it is not wise to drive around without an insurance cover. Enforcement is achieved by a questionnaire process (done randomly). If your vehicle gets selected in random, you would need to answer several questions ranging from the name of the insurer to the policy registration number. These answers are then verified with the insurer and if anything suspicious is found, the license is suspended.

When stopped for violation of traffic, be sure that you would be asked for insurance. Being unable to produce such documents would result in conviction. Under conviction, not only the license plate gets suspended but also a minimum fine of $500 is charged for driving without insurance.

There are some auto insurance covers in Rockford IL that are mandatory while the others are not compulsory, yet advised. While PIP and the no fault cover fall in the latter category, the UM and UIM covers are from the former category. The UM cover ensures payment for injuries incurred in a hit and run case or when a driver without auto insurance cover is responsible for the accident.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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