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ID badges have become part of the everyday work uniform for the majority of the employed. They are not only just for those in a hospital or high security area but now office workers, teachers, and many other types of employees are required to wear an office ID badge. These badges are part of the way the company maintains security and ensures the people on their campus are authorized to be there. With the increased access to internet and computer software within a company, employers want to be sure those on the internet at their company are authorized to do so.

There are fun options for displaying an office ID badge and they no longer have to just hang around your neck on a boring string. There are many options to add flare to your ID badge. The most common for an office employee is to wear a lanyard. The lanyard is like a necklace that hangs around the neck that holds the ID in a plastic casing that hangs at the bottom. Companies have designed colorful lanyards and key chains to help make the task of wearing a badge a little bit more interesting. They have made various colors, designs, and they can even be personalized for a team, workplace, college, or hobby. Lanyards can make a great, inexpensive gift for anyone you know who is required to wear a badge on a daily basis.

Another way to wear an office ID badge is by a key chain. The key chain can be attached to the hem of your shirt, your breast pocket, or even the waistband of your pants. This method of wearing a badge is common with those who are in the healthcare field or those who move around a lot. It is more stable to wear it on a key chain and has less movement than wearing it around your neck. If it is worn around the neck, it can be a nuisance if you are in a profession that requires you to move around a lot. Otherwise, a key chain attached to your clothing is a great option. Some key chains are even retractable. The badge and plastic part can be pulled away from the clip and used for key access when necessary. In certain office spaces, the doors are unlocked through an access card that is either swiped or held up against the lock to unlock the doors. If you have the access card with your ID and it is attached to your body, it can be cumbersome to attach and detach it for keycard access. This is where the retractable cord on the keychain can be very useful.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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