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Is the safe in your office that you used to keep your important documents is stacked with old documents? Do you need more space in order to store newer documents? You have two options – buy a new safe or hire a company offering archiving services.


If you opt for the former option – you would have to make space to place the new safe – which may be a problem to you if space availability is less. Also, buying a new security safe would also be an expensive affair. Well, if you opt for the latter option – all you need to do is find reliable company offering document archiving services.

The choice is all yours…

The pointers mentioned above are the two probable options when it comes storing those documents that are not in use, yet quite a lot important to your business.

Advisable for you…

Keeping your best interests in mind – it is advisable for you to find a reliable and well-established company for securing your important documents.


Frees up storage space Makes up your move a bit faster, in case you are moving Saves the time and effort spent by your staffs

Services you get…

Good companies not only move your documents from one place to the other, but also help you in managing your documents with a professional attitude. They also help you by providing cartons, collecting and delivering your documents each with a clear label. Labelling helps in identification of your documents.

One of the most important things when it comes to archiving documents at some other place other than your office or home – security as well as confidentiality becomes some of the major issues. However, if you go for a reliable company, you can take a sigh of relief. They offer regular document destruction services along with shredding services.

When it comes to shredding services – good and reputable companies provide you with security sacks. They also collect the contents and provide you with a written confirmation – after destroying them (documents no more important to your business) successfully.

Documents they cover…

Internal memos Tachographs Legal records Employee records Payroll Medical records Financial records

Search and find a company offering archiving and shredding services – While finding a reliable company offering services like document shredding and archiving, Swindon based businessmen should forget to look for a company that is member with the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Archiving Swindon – When looking for a company offering service like document shredding and archiving, Swindon based Dennis’s Removals & Storage is the best option available to you. So, get in touch with them.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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