Different Types of UK Hosting Packages

There are so many unique UK hosting packages to choose from. Many of them allow users to customize their needs that in turn allow them the ease of managing their online business. Each package provides different hosting services that supply solutions and the flexibility that users need. Many people may feel that the only difference between packages is price, but there is a whole lot more that goes into comparing packages. The best way to break down the different forms of web hosting packages is to divide tem into three separate categories. The three categories are virtual hosting, dedicated hosting, and shared hosting. It is important in your quest to find the right hosting package for you that you are aware of the basic knowledge behind each package. Knowing these few facts will help you in choosing the web hosting package that is going to work in your favor. You really need to be familiar with more than just price; there is also the security, services, and experience that you should know about the package before you purchase.

Category 1: Shared Hosting

There are UK hosting packages called shared hosting. In this instance your website will be on the same server as other websites. You will be sharing disk space, for this reason you are required to stay within limits of your server’s CPU usage. These packages were created for users that do not require a lot of space to manage their website. Often times users purchase a web hosting package and do not use all of the bandwidth provided. If this is the case, then some might view this as a waste. As a way to keep smaller websites interested in web hosting packages, they created the share method so that you can cut down on price and still have your website for online use. This type of package is good for either a start up sight, if you’re not sure of how it’s going to turn out. This is also good if you have a site that does not require a lot of bandwidth.

Category 2: Virtual Private Hosting

Other UK hosting packages are called virtual private hosting. In this form of package you are still sharing server space, however you are entitled to more individuality. One server gets broken down into several servers but they run on their own operating system that can be uploaded on its own. These packages are a bit better than the above, you’re still able to save on price as you are sharing disk space, but you are able to have a more independent server environment.

Category 3: Dedicated Hosting

The last category of UK hosting packages is called dedicated hosting. Known for being the best of the three categories, dedicated hosting provides your online business with maximum security. You are given high speed connectivity for faster internet experience. It is important to point out that these packages are the most expensive out of the group. They are more user friendly as they allow you to create a package that works for you in regards to bandwidth, memory, and even storage space. Many companies choose this form of web hosting package because the state of your website is not affected by other webpages. Your performance is said to be much better than the other two packages.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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