Dental Crises that Warrant a Visit to the Emergency Dentist

You must take good care of your teeth and gums because they are very sensitive. There are certain injuries that you can handle on your own. However, regardless of how you perceive the injury, it is advisable to call your emergency dentist for proper advice and instruction. In any emergency situation, it is advisable to stay composed and assess the situation at hand then think critically at how you can solve the problem. Here are some common dental emergencies and how to go about them.

The first common situation is when your teeth get damaged, cracked, or broken. This can be extremely painful. Before you head on to your emergency dentist, Chicago, wash your mouth with a salty solution and take some pain killers to relieve the pain and reduce swelling. Call your dentist beforehand and explain the situation well.

The other dental emergency that must be taken very seriously is knocked out teeth. If your teeth have been knocked out, the experience can be excruciating to say the least. Take the teeth and put it in a cup of milk or warm water after rinsing. When a tooth is knocked out, it begins dying immediately but solutions like milk can slow this process. You must schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist, Chicago since, knocked out teeth, if not restored immediately, can become impossible to reattach.

It is common for fillings and crowns to get lost. When your filling comes off, it is considered a minor dental problem that does not need to be handled immediately. In such cases, dental cement from the chemist can come in handy. However, you can contact your emergency dentist if the pain is excruciating so that you can schedule an appointment.

On the other hand, if a crown comes off, you must save it by rinsing it then seek an appointment with your emergency dentist, Chicago immediately so that you can have it reattached. You can use clove oil and over the counter medication to relieve pain as you wait to go for the appointment. You can also attach it using dental cement, which you can buy at the chemist, but ensure it is securely attached. Placing it loosely can cause chocking especially if you decide to sleep with it so you must be extra careful.

Different items placed by the orthodontist like braces, brackets, and wires, can easily break. This can be extremely serious when these wires end up poking your gums or tongue. The worst thing you can do is to try and force or cut the broken wires or bands. The broken item must be repaired immediately by your emergency dentist.

Abscesses are common but they indicate infections and must be evaluated by the emergency dentist immediately. Failure to do this, the infection can spread causing more pain and further dental problems.

Emergency Dentist Chicago – Dental emergencies are very common but should never be taken too lightly. Stay calm, think fast, and contact your Chicago based emergency dentist to schedule an appointment.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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