Dealing with an Insurance Company after a Motorcycle accident

There are times when the biggest adversary to a motorcycle insurance claim negotiation is the insurance company. Whether or not victims are at fault for motorcycle accidents in Queens NY, there are a number of options to reaching a favorable arrangement which may involve a settlement. In any case, the goal of most victims is to get the best deal possible. Though it is not mandatory to consult an auto insurance attorney, doing so will be of great help.

Before consulting the attorney, gather as much information as possible from the other motorist involved in the accident. Ask them for their license and insurance card. Collect information on the driver’s full name, issuing plate, license number, name of auto insurance provider, policy number and phone number.

Seek estimates of the repairs. Some insurance companies consider the cost of repairs if the estimated repair costs are greater than 50 percent of the value of the motorcycle. Sometimes, insurance companies do not allow victims of motorcycle accidents in Queens NY to file a claim if the cost of repairs is just a nominal percent of the bike’s value.

Call the motorcycle insurance provider and negotiate for the rightful value claims. Meet a representative of the insurance firm and provide photographs and video footages of the bike after the accident, receipts for accessories to be replaced, estimates of repair costs and the current market value of the vehicle. Check if the insurance company has details of the other motorist involved in the accident. If they don’t, hand them any information gathered from the accident scene.

Negotiate for a total loss settlement. Do not go below the offered value excluding deductibles. Seek the highest possible value for your claim. Include any loan costs on the bike on the final settlement amount.

If the motorcycle gets undervalued or the negotiations stall, contact an auto accident attorney. Report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The victim will be required to fill a form. The lawyer can help them fill the form.

How to avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Being informed and following the right precautions can help motorcyclists stay safe and avoid the risk of injury or even death. Here are a few tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents.

  1. Wear reflective jackets especially at night and use the headlights even during the day.
  2. Use proper signals, brake lights and lane positions to communicate with other motorists.
  3. Keep an adequate distance from other motorists when sharing the lane, following and passing other vehicles.
  4. Scan the course of the travel every minute or so to identify and avoid any potential risks that may cause an accident.
  5. Remain alert and prepared to avoid an accident.

Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity that may result in serious injuries or fatalities. Some accidents are caused by careless motorcycle riders who didn’t go through the required training. Experts recommend that individuals seek proper training and equipment before taking a motorcycle ride.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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