Common RV Supplies All Travelers Need

The RV lifestyle can be exciting. You get to travel around the country and camp at different locations. The scenery can be quite breathtaking and you get to meet new people every single day. But you want to be comfortable while traveling which means you need to have certain supplies and accessories in the RV. Following are the most common RV camper supplies all travelers should have on hand.

1. Power Supplies
The whole point to an RV is to be comfortable. And comfort requires electricity. You need to have sufficient electricity to run appliances like your refrigerator and stove. You should be able to run your air conditioning or heater units at the same time you have the toaster plugged in. Always travel with extra power supplies in case you short a fuse. You do not want to be out camping and suddenly have no light source. You should also have plenty of electrical cords, adapters, and electrical cord connectors to tap into the power source at your camp site.

2. Sewage Disposal Kit
You also want to be able to regularly dispose of sewage. Your RV is an enclosed space so you want to make sure unpleasant odors do not linger. And you want to avoid sewage backups at all cost. These can be difficult to fix while you are on the road. Not to mention the fact that sewage problems can instantly form a dark cloud over your trip. Prevent this from happening by using toiler paper that is designed for Rvs.

3. Water, Water, Water
Fresh water is essential for RV campers. You need water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Understand the different types of water hoses. White hoses are safest for drinking water. You will need to have spare water hoses in cases something happens. It is a good idea to have a water pressure regulator in the RV so you can monitor pressure once you are connected to the water source at the camp site.

4. Maintenance Tools
You need to be ready in case you have any type of problem with your RV. Always carry a toolbox with commonly used tools. If you are not sure what type of tools you need, go through your RV and review every part that can be replaced. Determine what tools you would use to replace parts. Make sure you have those tools with you at all times.

5. Security Equipment
Being safe while traveling and camping is important. You should carry emergency flood lights so you can make repairs on your RV anytime. Outdoor lights also provide security by allowing you to clearly see your surroundings. Make sure you keep your important personal belongings in an RV safe.

These are just some of the supplies you will need while traveling. Review supplies before you leave your driveway. Then kick back and enjoy your trip!

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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