Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are times when people are not able to meet their needs or pay their debts especially loans and credit cards. They therefore file for bankruptcy and seek a bankruptcy lawyer Richmond to offer advice on how to deal with the situation or represent them in court when there is need for legal action. The most common cases that constitute personal bankruptcy include suits for alimony, child support and repayment of personal loans. It is always important to look for bankruptcy lawyers before the creditor files default notices or sues you in court for failing to repay your debt. Remember that once a creditor sues you before you file for bankruptcy, the court has the right to freeze all your accounts and other personal savings in an effort to force you into clearing the debt. In addition, you will incur extra debts such as payment of fines that will affect your record.

Anytime you incur a debt, there must be collateral that is offered as security so that in case you fail to pay this debt, the collateral can be used as payment. To avoid losing your collateral, you need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer Richmond. You cannot compromise on choosing the best lawyer to represent you especially when you need to defend your collateral in front of a judge. Bankruptcy cases are unique depending on individual circumstances. It is therefore important to get a lawyer who will look at the specifics of the case before coming up with conclusions. Before hiring a lawyer, you will need to consult different lawyers until you find one who has a proven track record of representing bankruptcy cases successfully in court. Here are other important factors to consider when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Qualifications: The first thing that you should remember is that bankruptcy laws vary from one state to another. There are states such as New York that have Chapter 7, 11 and 13 laws respectively that deal with bankruptcy laws while other states only deal with Chapter 7 and 13 only. For this reason, lawyers who deal with these cases must have a degree in law and adequate experience of representing clients successfully in bankruptcy cases. There are states that require a bankruptcy lawyer to have a special license before he or she represents clients in court.
  • Commitment: No matter how experienced a lawyer is, nothing beats a committed lawyer. Remember that your finances are at risk of being taken away. A committed bankruptcy lawyer is one who will follow through with his/her clients, offer all the information that his or her client needs with regards to the case. He/she will not hide the circumstances of the case to his/her clients and will ensure that he/she gives all the attention that the cases deserve.

Remember that you cannot hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer to deal with issues such as student loans and taxes. For more information concerning bankruptcy cases, visit

Author: Victoria Garcia

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