There can be nothing more frustrating than going to the supermarket and getting everything except for the one thing you actually went there for. Well, imagine you’re redecorating your house and you do more than forget the bread or eggs. Oftentimes people make major purchases like a sofa and forget to purchase something small yet actually pretty critical to accompany it. No, not throw pillows or a blanket, pads for the feet of the sofa so the floor doesn’t get scratched.

When purchasing window treatments, it’s critical that at the time the decision is made of what to get, you also buy curtain rods. With the types of curtains available, such as tailored pleat drapery, pinch pleat drapery, inverted pleat drapery, grommet drapery, ripple fold drapery, cubicle drapery, goblet drapery and rod pocket drapery, choosing the accompanying hardware can affect the style and look of you really want. Make sure to buy curtain rods that match the colors and décor of the drapery you choose, don’t want until after you choose the drapery to buy curtain rods.

The devil can definitely be in the details. While you shouldn’t choose the hardware for your drapery before you actually choose the drapery, it’s definitely something to keep in mind throughout the entire selection process. The style, color and even shape of the hardware could very well affect your choice and they are two items that should be purchased simultaneously. And you’ll have much more confidence with the hardware is installed knowing that the drapery will actually fit on it, but that they go together.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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