Avoid Costly Auto AC Repair in Rowlett, TX

The AC unit in your vehicle doesn’t just keep your car cool and comfortable, it’s also crucial to the health of your car. We all know that cars get hot quickly. In fact, a vehicle left sitting on the sun for an hour can reach temperatures up to 130 degrees, especially in a hot place like Rowlett, TX. People often jump in, start the AC, and take off. However, if your AC isn’t working properly, you run the risk of needing costly repairs. AC repairs in Rowlett, TX can be expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient, which is why it’s so crucial you maintain your car’s air conditioner.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Ideally you should read your owner’s manual before anything bad happens to your car. Your owner’s manual should have a list which describes required regular maintenance.

Your car’s air conditioner consists of many parts such as the compressor, hoses, belts and an evaporator. Some, or all, of these parts will wear out. At the first sign of any wear and tear, you should replace the parts.

If your air conditioner is already broken, not working or spitting out only hot air, it’s best to consult a shop for AC repair in Rowlett, TX. They can take a look at your vehicle and give you advice.

Annual Inspection

Each spring, you should have your mechanic inspect the air conditioner. At this time, the compressor drive belt should be inspected and replaced if any damage is apparent. In addition, the refrigerant should be checked and replaced if needed. Lastly, all the hoses must be visually inspected for hardening, bubbles or cracks.

Maintain Coolant Pressure

To maintain your car’s coolant pressure, run the air conditioner once a month for ten minutes or so. In order for this to work, turn the AC up to its coolest setting and highest fan speed.

Run the Defrost

When you use your car’s air conditioner for extended periods of time, you must dry out the evaporator core. To do this, run the defrost system for about ten minutes to dry out any moisture. As an added bonus, this will also help prevent any mildew or mold.

These easy tips will ensure that your car’s air conditioning system lasts for years. If you’re unsure who to contact, or need a new mechanic, ask your friends, family or neighbors for a recommendation.

Whenever you need AC repair Service in Rowlett TX, get in touch with Eagle Transmission. They have many skilled technicians on hand to answer any questions, offer free quotes and perform AC repairs.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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