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Buying an air conditioning unit from a superstore may be the cheapest way to buy, but getting the right air conditioning unit for your property and installing it correctly are far more important than just price. To have the right system designed for your needs you need to find a company capable of providing total air conditioning service in Dallas.

Having the wrong size air conditioner for the size of room or property can increase the running costs considerably. Too small a system and the unit will struggle to lower the temperature. Too large a system will cause short cycles and moisture build up create cold spots and create excessive noise. Using a professional air conditioning service in Dallas will make sure that the air conditioner you install is the right one for the job.

Your air conditioning service Dallas will do a house survey to determine the right sized system for your home and your budget. The survey will take into account the size of each area to be cooled, the wall areas, window and door sizes, how well the area is insulated and the integrity of any existing systems or ducts. They will also be able to recommend which filters should be used to eliminate dust, pollen and bacteria. This is especially important if a family member has any allergies or suffers from asthma.

Once installed an air conditioner needs to be maintained. Choose a good air conditioning service in Dallas that offers air conditioner tune ups. Having your unit regularly maintained will save you from 10-15% on your utility bills. Regular maintenance will also increase the lifespan of the unit and prevent about 40% of repairs. Annual inspections and maintenance is also a part of keeping the warranty valid for your unit. An inspection normally takes about 2 hours to complete, as the technician will check all parts of the system checking for damages, wear and loose electrical connections. Regular maintenance checks helps to ensure the smooth running of your system for years to come.

If your air conditioner has been installed for several years without being maintained, you should call in an air conditioning service in Dallas to give your system a maintenance visit. You will immediately notice an improvement in the way your unit will work and from the next utility bill see a big drop in the running costs.

If your system is between 15 and 20 years old, it will be worth considering replacing parts or all of it. An expert in air conditioning service in Dallas will be able to tell you which pieces of your system could be replaced to lower your running costs. Modern systems use a lot less energy than older ones.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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