5 Crucial Mistakes That Must Be Avoided In Mobile Phone App Development

Any programmer with good programming skills can gain sufficient knowledge about mobile application development platforms and become an app developer. However, those who are experienced with PC application development will certainly find it difficult to develop an app for mobile phones because smartphone environment is entirely different. Even though the utilities for smartphones are called native apps, they are basically programs that are created for a specific reason. Mobile phone app development can become a disaster if the developer doesn’t pay attention to the following pitfalls that the environments and platforms present.

  1. Not focusing on end users – Mobile phone app development process should emphasize on the user experience at each and every stage. Apps are developed with a purpose in mind, but achieving the goal is useless unless the user finds the app to be useful and enriching. The mobile phone app development company should focus on how the users perceive the app so that nothing goes wrong in the end.
  1. Not using existing smartphone functionalities – An app should never be developed just for the sake of it. Business owners are pushing it to generate native apps suitable for their business, but the development company should come up with an innovative idea to offer something of value to the end users while using the functionalities available. Location based apps are great for businesses, but the developers should be aware of the right way to use them.
  1. Not understanding the difference between the development environment and real world – Mobile phone app development is usually done in a simulated environment and even tests are done on emulators. Just because an app has worked in the lab environment, it doesn’t mean that it can work great on a device too. Sometimes, end users pose certain unknown challenges, rendering the app useless in the real world. So, it is important to make sure that extensive research is done to ensure that the developed apps work on smart devices as well.
  1. Not considering scalability and integration issues – The apps that are developed for a platform must be scalable. Integration of the app should be done properly so that only little tweaks are required later. The smartphone platforms are constantly upgraded and if the app is not scalable, preparing the app for the newer version of mobile operating system can take a lot of work. Also, the app should be loadable on different devices running the same operating system and users should not feel that the app is actually behaving differently in another device. The mobile phone app development company should be able to ensure that the app remains usable even after multiple operating system upgrades.
  1. Not knowing how to limit app features – Extensive mobile apps are good, but there are thousands of feature rich apps that are untouched mainly because they are too complex for end users to comprehend. The mobile phone app development should have a single focus for every single app and adding a few customization options is acceptable. However, pushing it too far will only bore the end users because they won’t recognize the purpose of the app.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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