4 Signs To Help You Understand The Necessity Of Septic Tank Cleaning

Can you tell the last time the septic tank in your home was cleaned? Well, this is one of the basic questions that almost every homeowner will be unable to answer. Moreover, do you know that septic tank cleaning, when taken for granted for long can make you face a number of unpleasant encounters, such as stagnant water around your home, and accumulation of flies?

It is understandable that your working schedule often restricts you to take care of all such things. However, dear homeowner, it’s your home after all, and who else other than you will be responsible for its maintenance? So, take some time out of your tight working schedule, and do take care of these household tasks. However, do-it-yourself policy should be avoided in such cases. It is advisable to hire a service contractor dealing with septic tank cleaning.

Sometimes we are unable to trace out the problems with the septic tank installed in our homes. So, to help you out with the detection of such problems, here are few pointers given. Have a look on the signs when your septic tank needs cleaning:

1. Smell: If you smell a prominent and sharp sewage odor whenever you are standing close to the tank, it means there is some problem with it. Often this pungent smell may enter inside your home, as the air circulates throughout.

2. Feel: Walking in your garden or near the area where this tank in installed in your home, if you feel that the land has become damp and grubby, it indicates that wastewater has got into your yard.

3. Look: Unprocessed wastewater may overflow through the wash basin as well as toilets of your home. So, whenever, you see overflowing sinks at your home, do check out the septic tank.

4. Noise: You may here a bubbling noise when you flush your toilet, if there is some problem in the septic tank of your life.

Drain field is another important part of a septic system, so you should take care of this as well. In case, the drain field of your home is failing, then your septic system will also fail. That is why it is quite important to take care of it properly. Following pointers will help you take care of drain field:

1. You should plant only grasses near the septic tank. Remember, if you plant trees, then their roots may clog the drain field.

2. You should not drive or park your car nearby the tank. This can also damage the various components of your septic system.

Taking precautions can prevent possible damages that may occur to your septic tank. However, you should also take care of septic tank cleaning. Lawrenceville residents are aware of this fact that only professionals can carry on with such projects, effectively. So, they hire reliable and professional plumbers to take care of it.

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Author: Victoria Garcia

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