3 Things You Should Consider in Choosing a Fastener Distributor

If your business relies on the consistent operation of machinery, it’s only natural for fasteners on those machines to wear out from time to time. In order to avoid downtime, you will need to keep a steady supply of fasteners on hand. This will help your maintenance staff replace fasteners and repair machinery more efficiently. That whole process will rely on having a fastener distributor you can trust.

Look For a Range of Choice
You’ll want to use one distributor to fulfill all of your needs, so take the time to browse the catalog for each distributor you’re considering using. Make sure they have the types and sizes of fasteners you need for your machinery. You should also look to see that they have a broad range of other choices in case you get new machinery or replacement parts with different components.

Inquire About Delivery Times
If you unexpectedly run out of fasteners, you’ll want to make sure you can get a new order quickly. In addition to asking about rush shipments, you should find out how long an order will take to get to you through normal shipping options. Don’t forget to figure the shipping costs into your calculations when comparing prices between distributors.

Check Reviews
You can also evaluate each fastener distributor by reading reviews from their other customers. This can help you learn more about the quality of their fasteners and the level of customer service you can expect to receive. Past customer reviews can help you choose between two or more distributors when other factors seem similar.

Author: Victoria Garcia

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